Venus Factor Xtreme Review- A Natural way of Weight Loss !

Venus Factor Xtreme

The Venus Factor Xtreme is a new unique product in the field of health and fitness. It specially designed for women. It gives more importance to the nutrition plan for females. Which helps women to boost their metabolic system. This system mainly focuses on women’s health and quick weight loss.

What is Venus Factor Xtreme:

As women, I have found that the journey of weight loss is tough for women than men. Because Women’s tendency to store weight is more than men. If we want to get our desired shape and size, we have to fight our biology. However, this program has been included extreme workout regimes, strict meal schedules and diets to lose weight faster and keep it up even after workouts. This VFX Body system has a science back that properly concerns women about their biology and how they should work with their bodies to lose weight.By maintaining proper meal plan and eating time women can loss their weight in a healthy way. The VFX helps to re-balance our fat hormones (Leptin Hormone) by applying the leptin diet which is the key to this program.The Venus Factor Xtreme is not a magical diet pill or snake juice. It is a simple and easy weight loss program for women. Here, women can loss their weight by following sound nutritional information. Which specifically control their hormone levels.
Personally, I like this program very much because it is a way here you can lose your weight without any diet restrictions. This program consists of very easy and simple but effective workout strategies and diet plan. Men and women nutrition and workout strategies are different because of their biology.So, as women, you have to practice the best fitness plan. Which is specially designed for women. I think, VFX may be the best option for you.

Venus Factor Xtreme

About John Barban:

John Barban is the creator of this program. He is a nutritionist and fitness coach. Jonh has a formal education back ground. He has a degree in Human Biology and Nutrition which he achieved from the University of Guelph (Ontario, Canada). He completed his Master’s degree in the same subject and university. He completed his research. He engaged in teaching exercise physiology at Florida University. He also worked for 8 years in dietary and sports supplement industry. He is now a consultant to several supplement companies. His job is to develop product and formula. The best weight loss program “Venus Factor Xtreme is the result of his depth knowledge in biology and physiology. Women’s’ weight loss is his main area to focus. That is why he has created Venus Factor Xtreme, the best weight loss program for women.

More information:

The aim of Venus Xtreme System is to optimize the metabolic system of women to lose their weight. In this system, women have been advised to a particular diet plan which helps shed extra kilos. The body does not store extra calories when the rate of metabolism is high. Hence weight loss starts as the metabolic breaks food into energy. A slim and toned body is available when there is no large amount of fat in the body.
Venus Factor Xtreme comprises some useful exercises and diet plans for women aiding them in securing optimum weight. Young and elderly women can use this program. As the body shape of every woman is not the same. So he recommends women to consult with a doctor before they start working with this program.

Price and things to get:

Compare to other weight loss program that requires therapies and medications, Venus Factor Xtreme is cheaper. You don’t need to pay more than $37 which is very chief, and one can afford to have this program.

The Venus Factor Xtreme has the following 4 parts or phases:
  • 1.Custom Nutritional Software.
  • 2.Nutrition Manual for workout program.
  • 3.140+ Premium Video Coaching/Workout Lessons.
  • 4.Advanced customization.


  • No strict diets are suggested in this program.
  • Positive result one can get just in 12 weeks.
  • This program is designed only for women.
  • The creator uses the power of hormone called Leptin which burns fat quickly.
  • This is a natural and safe program for women to lose weight.


  • 12 weeks is long time to earn the desired shape of body.

Except the above, there are not many limitations of this program. However, If you want to get a sustainable shape, you must give more time to lose your weight. As it has been developed only for women, they can try on this program.

Venus Factor Xtreme has been playing a role to reduce an excess weight of women. This natural system has many features, and advantages like 90-days money back guarantee, if there is no result is realized.

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