Old School New Body-Best Way To Looking 10 Years Younger!!

Old School New Body

What is Old School New Body?

Old school new body is a workout program that can be conducted from your home. It is an eBook and has 100 pages full of guidelines on exercise and nutrition. Steve and Becky have launched this Program with a view to helping people irrespective their ages get into a healthy lifestyle. The F4X weight lifting protocol known as the 4x method is the main principal of this program.

According to the author of the program. People lifting too much weight at the gym are likely to fall injury and eventually ended up without expected result they expect.Once you gain weight, it is a hard job get back your previous shape because losing weight isn’t an easy task. Many of us try our best to lose weight, but a few of us have got success due to an onerous requirement of traditional weight loss program and others ended up with failure. The Old School New Body caters a favorable environment to the people who seek a perfect result.

When people got used to maintaining a particular lifestyle, it has also been found that they cannot change their way of life. So losing weight is quite tough for them. The right side of this program is you don’t need to forsake your lifestyle fully.This e-book consists of reports that can guide you how you can increase your attraction and boost your sex. It also gives you muscle gaining secrets, a way to lead happy and healthy life by burning ugly fat rapidly.

About Steve and Becky Holman:

Steve and Becky got married 27 years ago. Steve is the chief editor of the famous Iron Man magazine. He has been holding this position for over 25 years and started lifting weight when he was skinny -119 pounder at the age of 15. Steve has written over 20 books on nutrition and weight training. He has also written hundreds of articles which contain how to burn fat and build muscle. Becky is also contributing to nutrition topics of the same magazine. They have both interviewed numerous celebrity including Arnold Schwarzenegger.So the book written by renowned nutrition specialists is going to work undoubtedly for you.

About F4X workout:

The abbreviation of F4X means Focus 4 exercises. These 4 core exercises are important to get the healthy shape and have been proved very useful. If you purchase the Old School New Body, you will find the following exercises:

  • Squats (works very well for your thighs)
  • Incline ( best for your chest and triceps)
  • Bent over rows( best for shoulder, arms, and back)
  • Dumbbell Upright Row ( for your shoulder and arm)

The F4X workout system focuses three different workout plan that each concentrate on fitness area and this consists of F4 exercises. Each exercise takes short time that is less than or equivalent to 60 minutes to complete. You are required to carry out Lean workout which is discussed later 3 days a week.

Different Phases of Old School New Body:

This F4x workout has 3 different phases that are discussed herewith.


This workout is the best for the beginner or people who don’t hit the gym in a while. The 4 important and effective exercises are the component of this workout. People are required to allocate only 30 minutes 3 days a week to complete the Lean workout.


Shape workout takes more time usually less than 60 minutes. It also includes 4 main exercises and faster result oriented.


As the word “Build” indicate something bigger, yes it is the most effective and intense workout amongst the three. This workout is the best for people looking for making the best use of their result meaning building their body.

How the F4X system works?

1.Good health and Dehydration don’t match and go hand in hand:

Drinking sufficient water is essential for human body. The benefit of drinking much water is unlimited. We are in need of drinking much water to revitalize our skin, burn fat, suppress hunger, drop fat and to protect our kidney and liver. The writer of this book stresses the significance of drinking water. The author urged to drink at least 12 ounces of water that helps put off the signs of aging.

2.Age does not always matter for everything:

This digital guide points out that one can be fit at any age level and one must refrain from blaming the natural process for getting odd physique. There is a possibility to take full control over body and mind if you mix with positive thinkers.

3.Ways of Working out:

You are offered a little challenge when you work out with treadmills and gym classes and the presence of free radicals is to be lifted by the long time workout routines. By the time passes, the process of getting old becomes faster the journey of your fitness is adversely affected. This digital book is to teach you how you can complete your workout in a smart way and with a minimal effort.

4.Fat is necessary and is not curse for health:

As per the author recommendation, if you have diet containing low fat, it may not start losing your weight. The book represents some significant issue on fats. If you maintain suitable diet plan, there is no problem to have fat at your meal. Fat is essential to produce energy in the body. When you don’t take fat, hormone in the body will not be synthesized correctly. Synthesizing Hormone depends on fat diet and cholesterol.

5.The combination of weight loss and anti-aging:

When you reach 40, your body is prone to getting old. In this book, you will learn the natural ways of anti-aging.
According to the book, you are only 5 steps behind to have a look of 10 years younger. The 5 steps are curbing chronic dehydration, refraining from blaming age for everything, overlooking about low-fat diet and stop running in circles.

Benefited Group:

Middle –aged men and women are encouraged to opt for the program. However, Group of people who are 20 years old can adopt the program. This exercise and diet plan helps to avoid a lot of diseases. So the young can secure their future by taking this program. The 60s and the above can adopt the Old School New Body to lead a healthy life.

The program contains:

  • F4X quick start workout guide
  • Ultimate Sex and Anti-Aging Secrets
  • Ultimate Fat Burning Secrets
  • Ultimate Muscle Secrets
  • Ultimate Health and Happiness Secrets

Price and Where to buy?

If you work out the rules laid out in this program, you are sure to have a good health. If you have decided to buy this product, you can buy it comfortably because it is easy to buy this digital product. Go to the official site of Old School New Body and click Buy Now. You will be sent an e-book through email. Any of the cards like a Visa, PayPal, or Master Card is required to buy this program.


  • Old School New Body helps people reduce weight even they are 40 or above.
  • This program will give you permanent result.
  • You are required to work out for only a few minutes.
  • No back pain
  • This eBook program provides you 100% money back guarantee.
  • You can carry out the program for a long time, and it has no side effect
  • You will get more energy and stamina which is ultimate result of improving sex life.
  • Your life expectancy will increase, and you will look younger than actually, you are.


  • Being an eBook, it cannot give you instant result.
  • It is not available in the stores

In Summary:

At the end of this article, you have been equipped with the full information of Old School New Body and what the program provide. If you have desired to work hard and can follow the guidelines of this books, My strong recommendation is please buy this book and get a healthy life and keep your body fit.
This product has 60 days money back guarantee if there is no result realized by users. Click bank by which you will buy this product is known to pay back given a reason. So nothing to lose.

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