Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review-A Perfect Exercise program!!

Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Many workouts and weight loss guides are available in the web market.But, I think among these guides “Unlock Your Hip Flexors” is mind blowing. While another program gives you a simple idea about how you can shed off your, weight and get desired body shape but this book provides a complete explanation how you can lose your hip flexor muscles and become the owner of less belly fat, more energy, healthy sexual body and so many.
A person who wants to make his or her body physically fit is always looking for a better guidelines that may bring for him or her a better result. I want to confess that I had completely ignored about Hip Flexors before purchasing the e-book. But, after I purchased this book I have found that Hip Flexors is a top seller of fitness guidelines and a lot of people already get rid of their back joint pain. This book also claims that if you work out daily just in 15 minutes, you can save yourself from many common modern problems and you can achieve much energy which leads you to live better.

What is Unlock Your Hip Flexors?

Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Unlock Your Hip Flexors is a revolutionary program specially designed for losing hip flexors, improving health condition and also increasing the level of energy, flexibility, and power. It is a group of muscles. In our body, it works like an engine. It controls our balance. If our hips are imperfect, we cannot move or act smoothly. These are engaged all most every moment in our life like walking, sitting, twisting, running, raising our knees, as well as bending at the waist.

Usually, we do not give our concern about the Unlock Your hip flexors when it functions perfectly, but when they tighten, people face several numbers of physical problems even who are healthy and active. You may be surprised when you know that how much problem is created by tight hip flexors. However, this book is considered to help you get rid of following common problems caused by tight hip flexors.

1.Imperfect posture.
2.Joint pain in legs, lower back or hips.
3.Decreased athletic performance.
4.Hips locking up.
5.High Anxiety.
6.Lack of Sexual energy.
7.Circulatory issues.
8.Considered immune system.
9.Trouble sleeping.
10.Digestive problems.
11.Walking with problems.
12.Circulatory issues.

All around the world, so many people suffer from these symptoms. I think first four are the major symptoms and the rest are minor. In this book another muscle namely Psoas which plays a great role in every movement of our body. It connects the upper body to the lower body. Sitting and pattern overload is the two major causes the psoas to become tight and responsible for most of these problems. The structure of our hips is very complex; there are 4 major muscle groups which are responsible for operating our hips. But one particular group is more responsible than the others, and this is not disregarded. It belongs to the group of iliopsoas.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors

About The Author:

It is a surprising case that the two respected professionals jointly create The Unlock Your Hip Flexors program. The names of two professionals are Mike Westerdal and Rick Kaselj who are both well-known experts in their job. They bring something new to the program for fulfilling our desire. Now we can get a better idea about the co-author by discussing their career field.

Mike Westerdal

Mike Westerdal is a common name in the field of lifting weight and building muscles. He has a strong background in his working field. He is a trainer, author as well as leading authority on muscle building, core strength, bodybuilding and strength training. He tries his best to help people feel bodily confident. His most muscle building programs in the market are based on his diplomatic knowledge which he teaches by training. He creates a website Critical Bench.Com to promote and endorse other author’s product that he can feel necessary to his readers. In his website, he introduced Monster Muscle, REPS,Muscle and Strength like other weight training guides. He uses his method helping people who want to get their desire body.

Rick Kaselj

Rick Kaselj is a leading expert in the field of body building. He is the author of many top selling programs like unlocking your hips flexors. Rick Kaselj is a kinesiologist and has an experience in training and exercises and sports injury. He achieved a master’s degree in exercise science and working both as an author and coach in professional sportsmen and women. He also published many other guides like Iron Man Magazin and Yahoo News.

What is Included in The Program?

The program will give you the most efficient methods of exercise which helps you to improve your health, gain more strength and energy. In this guide, you can get all the information you need to treat your muscle in the right way. The main Foundation of the Unlock Your Hip Flexors is, it contains a DVD which has a multimedia function. By this DVD you will learn how you can get rid of from your tightened hip flexors.

The DVD is divided into 2 parts:

  • It contains an instructional video: In this video, Rick shows in details how the program covered every exercise and each exercise perfectly fits with the sequence. And also learn how you can get great benefits from each exercise.

  • The DVD shows Ricks exercise performance: Here you may surprise to watch Ricks exercise performance. You can practice together with him in real time.

So, you will know all about his exercise method by this program, and it makes easy for his reader to follow.

Bonuses of This Program:

Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Rick and Mike introduced two bonuses in their program. These help their followers more to understand the Unlock Your Hips Flexors. For this program, these bonuses are a perfect mix.

Here two bonuses are:

For Healthy Back and perfect posture Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings is Foundation:

By this bonus, you can be sure that your hamstrings are working about at 110%.The hamstrings can tear when they are tight, and that brings a discomfort situation. To remove muscle tear in your leg it takes a long time but by your training and workout, you can set it. This bonus gives you an idea how only a few minutes exercise a day can improve the condition of this muscle. By losing hamstrings it helps them to be free from tearing and keep them happy.

The 7 Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet:
Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Personally, I like this bonus very much because I have an experience in the power of diet. If you chose the right food your body automatically heal. If you want to be fit and healthy, you must maintain proper diet as well as exercise and workout.

The most important features of this diet are, it helps you to get rid of any pains, aches and prominent inflammation which is responsible for weight gain. Inflammatory is connected to your diet and also affect your hip flexors. This bonus program is a perfect nutrition program in which you can get a complete idea about your meal plans, diet routines. Foods list (including shopping and supplements).

How Does it Work?

Unlock Your Hips Flexors is an online-based program. By paying only $50 you can get all important instructions. And following these instructions, you can access to the main PDF manual and also 10 videos of workouts. Here some of the important manuals are-

  • Give enough knowledge about hip flexors anatomy and biomechanics.
  • Find out the linked between psoas and human survival aptitudes.
  • Show how psoas”s effects on emotions and energy.
  • Shows how vitality and sexual life is disturbed by sitting.
  • Learn why you should pay more attention to your body muscle every day.
  • Find the connection between tight hips and fat storage.
  • Shows how a tight psoas can make you fat in the period.
  • You also learn how you can get relief from constipation, anxiety circulatory issues as well as sexual movement.
  • Ensure you that you need not go to gym subscription to follow Unlock Your Hips Flexors program.
  • Learn how you can practice all exercises without any specialized fitness equipment.
  • Learn how you can start practice all exercises at home just put running sneakers and some sports clothes.
  • And finally, shows some easy steps to improve all these issues.

How To buy This Program?

This program is available on the official web page. You can buy this program from its web page unlockyourhipsflexors.com. If you are interested in buying this program, you can order by pressing ‘’BUY NOW” button. All orders make by click bank. It is a unique way that you can get a 60 days money back guarantee. If you are interested, you can read and follow all its video instructions. You will also realize if your pain is gone or not. If you do not see any improvement or your pain comes back again, you can give back the CD and get back a full refund. So, you should collect the email order number.

Target of This Program:

(1)The main target of the Unlock Your Hips Flexors is to get rid of back and joint pain.
(2)The second target is, to help people improve their immune system, sexual performance, energy level and athletic activities.
So, it says that this field is for everyone who wants to follow these super exercises.
Unlock Your Hip Flexors


  • This program contains a video which gives you warp-up and in-depth instructions step by step.
  • All these exercises which include in this program are simple and easy to follow and maintain.
  • It is not very expensive.
  • You need not go to a gym for practice these exercises.
  • You can perform it at home. So, it is time-saving.
  • To set this exercise you need maximum 10 minutes a day.
  • Any expensive equipment is not necessary.
  • Gives details explanation how psoas become the Couse of all kind of pains.
  • It has a scientific back ground.
  • It is effective.
  • It has 10 demonstrated steps which are simple enough to follow daily basis.


  • It is an electronic format.
  • The main manual of the Unlock Your Hips Flexors comes with PDF format. So, it brings some disadvantages for some people.
  • It has a less nutritional information.
  • You must follow its instructions step by step.

For Whom The Program is?

The program is very effective for them who are engaged in sedentary lifestyle and who have to spend a long period sitting.

Who Should Avoid This Program?

The people who are already very mobile and do not need to sit a lot, the author suggests that they need not stretch their psoas and they should avoid this program.

At last, I can say that if you are facing any problem with your hips and suffering from back pain, you should pay your concentration on this program. This program does not have any risk. It gives you a money back guarantee. So, you can click the ‘’ Add to cart’ ’button to get your copy of Unlock Your Hips Flexors program.

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