The Venus Factor review- Does The Program Work?

There is no a single woman who does not want to make her figure fit. But there is no strong and effective weight loss program especially for women by which she looks healthy. It is proved that women work hard to lose weight more than men do. Nowadays many programs of diet and exercise available in the market are general in nature. So most of the women cannot realize what program actually works for them and what program they should start for shedding weight. Yes, The Venus Factor could be the answer for them. It is a supreme process of weight loss for women.

What is Venus Factor?

The Venus Factor is a revolutionary weight loss program specially designed for women’s’ specific needs. It is a healthy diet and workout program created by fitness expert and nutritionist John Barban. It is an 180-page e-book including 12 weeks exercise programs and videos, answers to diet plan questions and apps, helping you to calculate the level of calorie and protein you take. In this program John Barban suggests that no magical pills or hard diet to weight loss only show how exactly you can lose weight by performing recommended diet and exercise. This program helps you to control metabolism and weight gain which works for rebalancing body hormone. This system mainly focused on Venus Factor Diet by this women can choose the right type of foods for their meal according to their height, weight, age and fitness levels.

How Does it Work?

John Barban, the creator of this program, realized that due to the level of Leptin in the body system, many women often find difficulty losing their weight and staying fit. Leptin, a type of hormone, is a major factor to become over-weight and become lean. When you can control the sensitivity of Leptin in blood only then you can lose weight by burning fat. At the period, women get older, and they lose their Leptin sensitivity especially after having children they become resistant to Leptin in general. This discourages them very much to burning fat but insist on stored weight. There are some working processes of The Venus Factor:

1.Venus Factor including Leptin:

The Venus System focuses on an important Leptin hormone. It is an essential hormone and helps to control the metabolism level of women body. It comes from fat cells. It is such a hormone which directly connected to body fat and obesity. The primary stage of Leptin helps you to maintain body fat by reducing weight. If the percentages of body fat increases than the level of Leptin also increases. So, The Venus System is a unique strategy to control the metabolism level of women body by maintaining Leptin level.

2.Leptin Resistant:

The Venus Factor helps to unlock the resistance of Leptin from a female body. And thus helping women to lose weight naturally.

3.Avoid Fasting:

Fasting is a traditional system of any weight loss program. But The Venus Factor is different from any other weight loss system; it never recommends any fasting because fasting increases the level of Leptin which ultimately triggers hunger or appetite making a person overweight.

What You will Get from The Venus Factor:

In this system, you can get some guidelines which help you burn fat naturally. These are:
12 -Week Essential Fat Loss Diet System Guide:

This part helps you to understand what type of foods are helpful for your body and what types are harmful. So, snacks, low fiber carbs are the main foods that help to increase the Leptin resistance in the body, and you must avoid this kind of food. This book teaches you how the right combination of ideal foods helps you to increase the Leptin sensitivity. By this book, you also know, low-calorie diet is not perfect for you in your weight loss journey. Low-calorie diet decreases the Leptin levels. So this system never recommends fasting, because fasting is the cause of Leptin resistance.

12-week fat burning workout plan:

The Venus Factor is an easy exercise program. This exercise routine does not take so much time. It is performed only three times a week. So you need not go to a gym for exercise. Now you can quickly complete your workout schedule at home by seeing pictures, videos, and exercise explanation in details.

The Virtual Nutritionist:

Most of the women think that weight loss program is costly and also the cost of a personal trainer is also expensive. But now you can save money from your budget by rejecting the expensive nutritionist, and you can welcome Virtual Nutritionist app which gives you the best way to automate the eating process. It helps you to calculate calorie and protein that you eat in your diet and then measuring them in an ideal form.

The Venus Index Podcast:

The Venus Index Podcast is an instruction tool for weight loss. It gives you a way to tune up your mind by other women just like you who are struggling in the same way and finally receive success

The Venus Online Community:

By this online community you can measure your progress with others. If you cannot get enough advantages for this program, you also can share it with the Venus online community and get helpful advice which encourages you very much in your weight loss journey.

About The Author of The Venus Factor:

John Barban is a world famous fitness consultant. He is the author of the Venus factor and also creates multiple weight loss program such as

  • Anything Goes Diet
  • Adonis Index System. Etc.
Some of his educational and training certificates are mentioned herewith.
  • Human Biology and Nutrition (from the University of Guelph, Canada).
  • Masters in Human Biology and Nutrition(University of Guelph)
  • He worked as a varsity strength conditioning coach for 3 years( at the University of Guelph)
  • Graduated in Exercise Physiology (Florida University)
  • Professor and Researcher of Exercise Physiology (Florida University)
Training Certificates:
  • NSCA
  • CSCS
  • ACE PT
  • CSEP
  • Kinesiologist etc.
Professional Certificates: :

Last 8 years John worked in the Dietary and Sports Supplement Industry as a researcher of developing sports and weight loss supplements. There are some famous brands he has worked and created that are given below.

  • Blue Star Nutraceuticals
  • ADS
  • Made Tech
  • Slimquick
  • NxLabs
  • Empowered Nutrition products
  • John Barban workout.

Money Back Guarantee

The Venus Factor is a unique program of weight loss. Which comes with 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with this program for any reason, you will get back you money within 60 days of purchase. It also gives a current offer for $49 which is down from its original price $97.

Buying Place

When you come to buy it, you will get 2 choices

  • You can get the program by onetime payment $47.
  • You also can get the opportunity of the $9.957-day trial and the rest you can pay later.
You can buy it from The Venus Factors official website (Venus Factor.Com).

Venus Factor Weight Loss Chart:

I want to make you sure, if you follow the Venus Factor program routine correctly, you can get your desired results quickly. Here is how much weight you can lose week by week

First Month:
1 week —– 5 lbs. (lost)
2 week——-2lbs (lost)
3 week——-2.5 lbs(lost)
4 week——-2 lbs(lost)
Total lost 11.5 lbs.
Second Month:
5 week ——-2.5lbs (lost)
6 week ——-2lbs (lost)
7 week——–3lbs (lost)
8 week ——–2lbs (lost)
Total lost 9.5 lbs.
Third Month:
9 WEEK ——2.5 lbs. (lost)
10 week ——2 lbs. (lost)
11 week ——3 lbs. (lost)
12 week ——2 lbs. (lost)
Total lost 7.75 lbs.
So, you can loss almost 29 pounds in 12 weeks.


  • The program cannot offer too expensive prepackaged meals like other weight loss programs.
  • Many weight loss programs offer you very expensive pills which cannot give you any guarantee to lose weight. But this program will not offer you any pill. Because pill has many unwanted side effects.

  • Its workout plan is very easy to follow.
  • Many workout pictures, videos and experts’ advice are available in this program.
  • Its digital format is downloadable.
  • This workout you can practice at home.So, you need not go to a gym.
  • This program does not offer you to reject your favorite meal. But it points outs the ideal times of eating during your day which helps you to promote your healthy eating habits.

  • It is a risk program. It gives a money back guarantee of 60 days
  • To weight, it focuses on Leptin protein.
  • It has 5 major parts which make it super easy to use.
  • It is a money saving program.
  • Its online community is amazing you can get customer support anytime.


There are few cons of this program

  • It is only for women. So men cannot get any advantages from it.
  • Some of it workout is unusual that’s why the beginners temporarily face some unwanted situations.
  • For this workout, you need some equipment. Such as Dumbbells, Resistance bands, A Workout bench.
  • Its Hard copy is not available.So, if you want to get it, you have to download and print out it.

At the end of this conversation, honestly, I want to say that it is not a magical task. The success you always desire mostly depends on your commitment to this program. All Women who are trying this program will not get results equally from it. It depends on their workout. The weight loss plans are created for men and females among them Venus Factor is tuned to the female body. You can get all the tools you need for your success in the package, you receive. If you are not sure about this program, you can see the free video presentation. Here, you can know about the concept of this program in details.In a nutshell, The Venus Factor can bring the permanent change in your life by following only few week weight loss plan and can help you to make smoother the rest way of your life.

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